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How It Works

We have been in the motor vehicle business for over 20 years in USA for the past 3 years we have been exporting cars to Dubai Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia for many customers. As a 3rd year international import/export business our company is now collaborating with many shipping companies in the USA in order to save money on towing (recovery) and ship your car from nearest port possible. From the vary beginning we have taken all the appropriate steps to move customers car easily and we strive to save you money on every car when we do the Towing loading and shipping for you we will do whatever possible to load your car FAST. Our ultimate business goal is to be the biggest import in the world and to achieve that we strive and promise to give you the honest and best customer service all the time. Our believe is to provide customers with efficient , cost-effective, and reliable shipping services. It is our philosophy that sets us apart from the competitions is, while other businesses put themselves first , Our philosophy is vary simple (( you the customer has to make money before we can make money)) with this philosophy in mind we strive to do an excellent quality towing loading and shipping work fast and create not only a simple transaction but a mutually beneficial one for the both of us.

  1. 1)We open an account for you under your own name.
  2. 2)You purchase the motor vehicle from the auction.
  3. 3)You send the money directly to either Copart or IAAI yourself.
  4. 4)We will make arrangements for recovery (Towing).
  5. 5)Once you have enough cars we ill book your containers and e mail the booking documents to you You will be paying for all loading shipping recovery charges plus $150 per car for my service.
  6. 6)If you have any question through the process my staff in Dubai Afghanistan and usa or myself are always readily available.


Our Address:USA, Mountain View
Telephone:+1 925 890 1234


Please include detailed message and desired destination as well as nature of your business.
Thank you.



You puchase vehicle from auctions like Copart and notify us of the purchase.


We tow the vehicles and process a container from 1 of 14 USA locations.


Vehicles arrive at your location, you pay and release your container.